In 2008 Bruce Martinson, PLS joined the Sitelines team to become our survey manager.  Bruce owned and operated Dirigo Land Services for thirteen years and owns the files of Rouillard Land Services of Bath who no longer practice.  Bruce joined Kevin Clark and Curtis Neufeld in ownership in 2009.
In 2012 Sitelines purchased Brian Smith Surveying, Inc., and  Brian Smith, PLS joined our team.  Brian brings decades of experience and records to compliment our services.
Together with our company President, Kevin Clark, PLS we have expanded our expertise and capacity to serve our clients seamlessly from data acquisition to the production of design plans and construction services.  Our land surveying services include:  

     Deed Research
     Deed and Easement Descriptions
     Aerial Survey and Network Control

     Boundary and Tracement Survey

     Topographic Survey
     Land Title Surveys (ALTA/ACSM)
     Mortgage Inspection (MLI)
     Construction Quality Assurance / Quality Control

     Construction Layout and Control

     As-built Survey

     ALTA Certifications
     Record Documentation
     Condominium and Plats
     Flood Elevation Certificates
     LOMA (Letter of Map Amendment)