Civil Engineering

Residential Engineering Brunswick ME

Our highly skilled and experienced engineers at Sitelines PA provide top-notch site development services in Topsham, ME and throughout the state. Our expertise spans from conception to the construction phase. We’ve worked on the entire gamut of site development including roadway and pavement design, utility infrastructure, stormwater management, site grading, and erosion control. Our team is knowledgeable in land use regulations and permitting, and we strive to remain current with the best low-impact development, sustainable site design, and management design practices.

We offer our high-quality services to both residential and commercial clients. For our residential clients, we have a comprehensive portfolio of projects encompassing all types of housing from affordable homes to campus-style retirement communities. Our staff prides itself on designing projects on underdeveloped properties or urban infill real estate. We’ve worked with many retail developers, merchants, professional and medical services providers on the commercial side.

Scope of Projects

• Commercial Subdivisions
• Residential Subdivisions
• Medical Offices
• Senior Housing Facilities
• Roadway and Street Design
• Business Park Development
• Stormwater Management Systems
• Sewer Lines and Pump Stations
• Site Layout and Site Grading Plans
• Sediment and Erosion Control Plans
• Multi-Family Housing
• Retail and Office Site Designs

Land Use Permit Applications

• Subdivision and Site Plan Review
• MDEP Stormwater Permit
• MDEP Site Location of Development Act Permit
• MDEP Natural Resource Protection Act (Tier I, II and III)
• Army Corps of Engineers Permits
• Municipal Site Plan and Subdivision Approvals

Residential Projects

Commercial Projects


For more information about our land surveying and civil engineering services, please contact us at 207-725-1200. We look forward to partnering with you on your next commercial or residential enterprise.