Land Surveying Services

Surveying Services Brunswick ME

There are numerous reasons to engage our surveying services, from property management and estate planning to support for commercial ventures such as subdivisions, site development, through construction layout and As-Built completion. Whatever your needs, competent high-quality surveying services are a must. Sitelines PA has been instrumental in helping clients throughout Maine and New Hampshire with surveying and other services for many years.

Sitelines acquired Brian Smith Surveying in 2012, expanding our local boundary surveying client base, particularly into Bowdoin, Bowdoinham, and Richmond. In addition, we have the complete files for Dirigo Land Services and Rouillard Land Services, as well as portions of files from many nearby surveyors.

Our surveyors are experts in establishing boundaries for ownership, locations for purposes required by government or civil laws. This mapping helps draw property lines for potential homeowners before they purchase a property. A land survey can help protect your investment, as it can reveal the exact dimensions, size, location and any other improvements on the land, such as driveways that could cross property lines.

Land Surveying Services We Provide

• Deed Research
• Deed and Easement Descriptions
• Subdivisions
• Aerial Surveys and Network Control
• Boundary and Retracement Surveys
• Topographic Surveys
• Land Title Surveys (ALTA/ACSM)
• Mortgage Loan Inspections (MLIs)
• Construction Quality Assurance / Quality Control
• Construction Layout and Control
• As-built Surveys
• Record Documentation
• Condominium and Plats
• Flood Elevation Certificates
• Letters of Map Amendment (LOMAs)

From the Field


For more information about our land surveying and civil engineering, please contact us at 207-725-1200. We look forward to partnering with you on your next commercial or residential enterprise.